Stress Symptoms:

How You Can Get Relief From Stress

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Stress symptoms abound in today's world. Stress gobbles up our health, wastes our time and saps our enjoyment of life. The world is changing so fast we can't keep up or find time to appreciate our good fortune. Our relationships bear the brunt of our distress, and stress intrudes on every facet of our lives. Everyone needs stress relief.

Common stress symptoms include fatigue, sleeplessness, a sense of anxiety, difficulty making decisions, a tightening of the breath and much more.

Aging creates new demands and brings more stress into our lives. Living on a tighter and tighter budget adds to our stress. Raising children, re-tooling for a new career, furnishing a big house, making more or less money can add to our stress level and cause stress symptoms to sky rocket.

Are we forced to lead lives damaged by stress or can we do seomthing about it? Are we forced to allow stress to shorten our life spans? Must we become overwhelmed by our stress and lose control over our lives?

The answer depends on how you cope with stress and the stress techniques you employ. You can re-design your life, making a few adjustments to your lifestyle, and make changes that will have far-reaching results.

Stress Symptoms Checklist

Make a note of any stress symptoms you have from the following list:

  1. You feel like your lie is spinning out of control
  2. You feel as though you're running in place
  3. You are driven to distraction
  4. You feel more tired than usual
  5. Your thoughts are becoming more pessimistic than usual or you feel more hopeless than normal
  6. You find it harder and harder to deal with difficult tasks
  7. You feel like nothing ever gets done

How to Combat Stress And Get Your Old Self Back

  • Identify problems that cause you to waste time and do something different to solve them
  • Find unproductive behaviors or activities and eradicate them
  • Prioritize your tasks and give more attention to the high priorities
  • Stop trying to do everything and be everything to everyone
  • Stop enabling others and taking care of their responsibilities for them
  • Get some help and quit trying to do it all by yourself
  • Live according to your values and eliminate the gap between your values and actual behaviors
  • Learn to live with imperfection
  • Simplify your life
  • Realize less is more
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Take Control and Strike A Balance

Your stress symptoms will decrease when you take control of your Do-List and stop allowing your busy schedule to rule over your day to day life. Strike a balance in your life. Give an equal amount of time to the various needs in your life, instead of giving most of it to just a few things and ignoring others. 

Take care of yourself, not as an option if you have time, but as a requirement. Become the CEO of your life and cut back on time-wasters (such as anger and resentment) and unnecessary work, and get more joy in your life by downsizing and simplifying. 

And . . . if you create a space in your life for playing and having fun . . . everything will go better and you'll feel better! 

Remember These Tips

Prioritize, live according to your highest priorities and values, and spend more time doing what really matters to you. Delegate duties and get some help. 

If you feel overwhelmed and need a little extra help, consider getting some stress-related counseling. A good counselor will help you do a thorough stress assessment and develop an effective personal stress management plan . . . and get a leg up on dangerous stress before it adversely impacts your health and well being.  Read more about stress symptoms and how to get stress relief here.

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