Wedding Planning Decisions: How to Plan a Great Wedding 

Making good wedding planning decisions can be hard. It's easy to get carried away or lose your way when trying to plan the perfect wedding. Any wedding can turn out to be a source of pleasure or regret, depending upon the quality of your planning efforts, and the impact those efforts have upon relationships. Following a few simple tips can help anyone plan a marriage ceremony they'll be proud to remember. Let's get started. 

Slightly darkened image of a man in a tux and woman in a wedding dress holding a bouquet of flowers shot from the shoulders down.Weddings can be a source of pleasure or regret depending upon the decisions you make.

Remember Your Values and Priorities

Image of coffee cup, croissant with a bite taken out of it, a planner, and a woman with a pen beginning to write in the planner.Plan your wedding to reflect your interests, needs, and preferences.

Consult your core values when making decisions and let them be your guide. If, for example, you are a private person who favors a small, intimate setting, then plan your wedding to reflect those interests and needs. And don't let more flamboyant persons talk you out of what you want, substituting their priorities for your own.

If you want your wedding to have a spiritual identity, then be wary of letting it spiral into a materialistic frenzy. Avoid letting other people exert too much influence over your wedding planning decisions. It's your wedding. 

Creating an atmosphere where people can have fun, be happy and make pleasant memories will help you to take care of the guests and build healthy relationships for years to come. 


Man and woman looking at something together on a phone.If you and your partner don't see eye-to-eye, that's okay, as long as you plan a wedding that works equally well for both of you.

A key skill in making any relationship work is learning to compromise. You may as well start now. If you and your partner don't see eye-to-eye, that's okay, as long as you plan a wedding that works equally well for both of you.

Remember... in a marriage, if one spouse loses, both lose. It is a TEAM effort!  It's not about one person's hopes and dreams, but those of two. In good relationships everyone needs a say and the solutions have to work for everyone. 

When It Comes to Wedding Planning Decisions Less is More

Table with four chairs, a vine placed in the middle, and five place settings that seem to be decorated for a wedding reception.Less clutter. Less trouble. Less superfluous baggage. Clean and simple.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make when planning a wedding is to do too much and make it too big. Many of the most expensive and elaborate weddings end in disappointment because they become cesspools of pressure and stress, and their materialistic bent takes away from the real purpose of a wedding. Keep it simple and remember that less is actually more.

Less clutter. Less trouble. Less superfluous baggage. Clean and simple plans usually create a more satisfying outcome in the long run. Remember, a good rule to follow when making your wedding planning decisions is to keep it simple (KISS). 

Stay Within Your Budget

Calculator, pen on top of a checkbook, and a small stack of $100 bills.You don't need to blow a small fortune to make memories that will last for a lifetime.

Money is often wasted on aspects of a wedding that don't matter. A good guide is to spend enough to put together a beautiful but modest ritual that will start your relationship off in an enjoyable and meaningful way, while giving your loved ones a wonderful time. You don't need to blow a small fortune to make memories that will last for a lifetime.

It is what you do at a wedding that matters, not how many thousands of dollars you spend. Let your focus be on the people and sharing, not on extravagant ways to spend money that could be better used to start a savings account. Keep in  mind,money is often the biggest cause of conflict in a marriage. 

Many people wish they had not spend so much money on their wedding, and had saved the money. They feel they would have gotten more bang for their buck. 

Focus on Relationships

Family sitting on a blanket underneath some trees surrounded by various other people.When planning your wedding keep the focus on people, not things.

It's all about relationships. Relationships that may be far more important than we realize. Rely on your all-important relationships to help you recognize and honor the most important relationship of your life, that special relationship with your beloved.

Take good care of your relationships, within and without the family, and build your relationship skills for the future, so your marriage can grow, succeed and last. Every problem that comes up can be solved, if you use the right strategy. And sometimes relationship problems can carry hidden gifts -- gifts hidden in their hands.

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When planning your wedding keep the focus on people, not things, and someday you'll be glad you did. Invite your loved ones to participate in your wedding, in ways that are interesting to them, so that everyone wins. Follow your heart and the Golden Rule in dealing with everyone. 

You want all your guests to have wonderful memories to take home with them. Let  your guests come first. Let them share in your journey so they can feel like a part of your happiness. 

Get Help

When trying to make good wedding planning decisions, avoid trying to go it alone. Get help from the wiser, more experienced members of your family and friends in making wedding decisions and handling problems that may pop up. If you try to do everything yourself, you'll end up exhausted.

Share the load. Give others the pleasure of being able to pitch in and help you!

Have Fun

Couple dancing on a path in between a long column of trees.Make it a pleasure to plan your wedding and not a chore.

Sure, a wedding is serious business, but if you don't have fun, what's the point? No one will enjoy or want to remember it. Always make your wedding a joy by making good wedding planning decisions to begin with, so take your time and do it right. 

Some people know how to turn everything into a serious affair and the result is no one has any fun! Take your time and enjoy the ride. Make it a pleasure to plan your wedding and not a chore.

If you focus on having fun, instead of spending your money, your wedding will be more likely a success. So make your wedding planning decisions wisely. 

Bring a lighthearted, fun-loving spirit to the task, and you'll do a better job. Have a sense of humor and think young. Your guests will take their cue from you and have a good time, too.

Wedding planning Decisions: In Sum

You can make wedding planning a breeze if you just follow a few basic tips, keep it simple and focus on priorities and values that matter the most. Enlist the assistance of others, focus on relationships, and be sure to have loads of fun.