Valentine's Day Gifts: How to Build Happiness and Harmony In Your Special Relationship

People spends oodles of money buying Valentine's Day gifts, but do those gifts actually help their relationships or make the partners fundamentally happier? I this brief article I'll show you how to give the best Valentine's Day gifts -- gifts that keep on giving to both the partners and the relationship or marriage. 

Typical Valentine's Day Gifts

Let's examine the effect of the typical Valentine's Day gifts:

1. Candy -- everyone loves candy, although not everyone can have it, and it comes with a price tag, both monetarily and health-wise. Long-term impact upon a relationship is probably nil. 

2. Flowers -- ah, a better choice, for some. Flowers can beautify a home for days or weeks, and really lift your spirits, especially for those who love flowers. But, do they help your relationship a great deal? Maybe not.

3. Sexy clothes and toys. Well, if the gift receiver wants such things, and is open to them, they can be a nice gift. Long term affect? Not much. Studies show that people want and need emotional intimacy in a serious relationship. Physical solutions to the lack of intimacy don't work. 

What about some simple gifts you can give that will make a difference in the quality of your romantic relationship? Let's examine some of the most helpful ones next.

Great Valentine's Day Gifts that Can Help Your Relationship

Now let's take a peak at Valentine's Day gifts that can make your partner happy and contribute to the quality of your relationship. Perhaps the best gifts are things you can do together.

1. An inspirational or "touching" book or movie, especially one your partner would love to read or see. 

2. A handmade card (or note) crafted by you telling your partner what you love most about him/her and thanking them for going on this relationship journey with you.

3. A stress-relieving massage.

4. A Valentine's Day picnic. 

5. A stroll in the park that includes hand-holding (and maybe a little smooching). 

6. A night in a cabin or lodge at a wilderness area, state or national park. 

7. A poem you've written about your relationship (or telling the story of your love.)

8. A special meal -- a healthy one. Serve it by candlelight. But, don't forget the chocolate dessert. 

9. A picture album commemorating your relationship. 

10. A concert featuring an artist your friend really loves. 

11. Pray or meditate together.

12. Watch a movie together -- a romantic comedy -- and laugh and laugh, together!

A good Valentine's Day Gift is one that comes from your heart, lifts or benefits the relationship and makes your partner feel happy. Think of a creative gift this year -- a gift that will keep on giving throughout the year, and you'll enjoy a happier, more fulfilling relationship. A gift your partner will value. A gift they'll think you put some thought into. 

Valentine's Day Gifts to Improve Your Relationship

The right gift at the right time can make a big impression upon your partner and create a lot of good will. It can bring you closer and make you feel more connected, deepening the sense of intimacy and belonging, which strengthens the all-important bond in your relationship.

Holding hands for no reason. A nice, genuine, heart-felt hug. These are great gifts that cost nothing. Listening with your inner ear. Every spouse or relationship partner needs and wants these gifts. If you never seem to listen to your partner, or give the much credit, maybe you could try listening with your inner ear and letting them influence you.

Keep in mind, one way to predict the success of a marriage is to determine if the spouses listen to each other, value each other's opinion and accept influence from each other. Not accepting influence is correlated with relationship failure. 

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Essential Skills

And, remember, every day can be Valentine's Day.

Take time to celebrate your relationships and to put those you love first in your life. If you want to make your relationships sparkle and shine, a little extra effort goes a long way. Relationships bring us happiness and joy, or they can make us feel unconnected and lonely. Knowing how to make a relationship work is one of life's essential skills. There is nothing more important to our success and happiness.

After all, what good is happiness, if you have no one to share it with? 

Valentine's Day Gifts: Spice Up Your Romantic Life 

One way to give a great boost to your relationship is to spice up the romance in an older, shall we say "ho-hum" relationship. The most powerful way is to improve your connection and to build emotional intimacy. A good, close friendship fuels the flames of desire, and makes romance sizzle. Try these tips for getting a closer, deeper friendship with your beloved or special friend. 

1. Refrain from making critical remarks and eliminate the desire or expectation for your partner to perfect.

2. See your partner for who he/she really is, and not who you want them to be. 

3. Forgive mistakes and be willing to overlook flaws.

4. Take time to thank your partner for little things they do for you and always express your gratitude lavishly.

5. Celebrate your partner's achievements and successes, and make them feel special.

6. Get over the problems quickly, be quick to forgive and move on. 

7. Express your affection, and remember to touch your partner, offering plenty of hugs and kisses -- don't let the physical side of your relationship go -- even if you've been together for a long time, or even if you're busy and under stress.  

Want more ideas? 

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