Positive Thinking

Develop the Positive Side of Your Brain to Maximize Your Happiness and Success

The capacity for Positive Thinking is associated with greater happiness and success in life than pessimistic thinking styles. Many people I know are far more negative in their thinking than positive. Sadly, the areas of the brain which are responsible for negative, pessimistic thought patterns are highly developed in these individuals.

Recent research suggests that certain thoughts are governed by specific structures in the brain. So, if we over-develop our capacity for negativity, we will leave the positive side under-developed.

We all know people who have highly developed negative personalities. They tend to view events and the world in overly negative ways, which makes it harder for those individuals to succeed in life. And . . . they often tend to attract problems and collect failures related to their low expectations.

African American man smiling with eyes closed while holding on to in-ear headphones.When we manage to keep our chins up during times of adversity, we are better able to weather the storm.

Positive Thinking: Striving for Balance

While I do not think anyone should become a "Pollyanna," people who have developed the positive structures of their brains are the most fortunate people I know. They use the laws of attraction to generate success, and, as a result, are happier, better adjusted, more effective on a personal level, and generally more successful in all their activities. They are more enjoyable to be around, too!

Research shows there is a positive correlation between positive thinking (and optimism) and happiness! When we manage to keep our chins up during times of adversity, we are better able to weather the storm. And... believing in positive outcomes is an essential skill to a high achiever. And what about our relationships? How are they affected (or should I say afflicted?) by overly developed negativity?

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Be Positive and Explore Your Possibilities

Possibility thinking is a form of positive thinking that helps you to see the hidden possibilities in any situation, no matter how bad it might appear. Every problem has a gift hidden in its hands, waiting to be discovered. Every closed door hides an open door, which allows you to make something good happen or find a new opportunity.  But we must learn to look for the possibilities. 

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A Real-Life Example of Positive Thinking

I was watching my nephew's basketball practice. The coach was working with a player who could not seem to make a basket. He had taken her off to the side and was instructing her in the mechanics of her shot, but he soon realized she didn't think she could make it.

Finally, he said, "Listen . . . I want you to remember one thing . . . and one thing only . . . I want you to think this thought and keep thinking it. OK?"

She said, "Yes, Sir."

"You have to believe you can make it. You have to believe. So, every time you shoot that ball, I want you to see it going in. Got it?"

It was a great lesson in the power of not only positive thinking, but positive expectancy. What good are the best laid plans and all the clever goals in the world, if we do not believe we can and will reach those goals? If there is an area in the brain responsible for belief, I would say that some of us need to develop it more fully so we can exert the power of our faith and conviction to help us reach life's most important and valuable goals.

The hands of three coworkers on top of each other above a work table covered with Filofax planners and other work-related items.Practice positive thinking and you'll be using the power of positive thought sooner than you think.

The next time you are near a basketball, why not try to make a few shots? But remember to think positively. Believe you will make it!

Apply that simple but powerful technique to all areas of your life. And if you are one of those highly developed cynics, maybe you should consider doing some exercises on the other, less developed part of your brain... the one that is associated with the power of positive thought!

I think it will help you to enjoy your life all the more.

In Sum

Positive thinking allows you to make the best of every bad situation, and make good situations even better. By learning to be more positive in the way we look at the world, and our problems, we can fix the problems and live happy, successful lives. Practice your positive thinking skills today!