Relationship Fixes: How to Avoid Common Mistakes and Repair Your Relationship 

If you're interested in relationship fixes that actually work and are easy to implement, then this article is what you've been looking for. Research reveals certain key strategies that will make your relationship more fun and less sweat. I will reveal three powerful strategies you can use right now to improve your relationships -- strategies you need to know and use if you want to master your relationships and lead a great life. 

Boy and girl sitting on bench togetherAvoid the Five Biggest Relationship Mistakes if You Want Your Love to Last

Thee is a science to conducting healthy relationships that stand the test of time. Yes, you have to know what you're doing. It doesn't happen by accident. It's okay to have problems, as long as you learn from them, using effective relationship fixes to mend and rebuild your relationship. 

The chance marriage will end in divorce is so strong that any couple should devote extra effort to keeping their marriage strong. Good marriages tend to get neglected, instead of being nurtured, and can go wrong quickly. Consider also that an unhappy marriage can increase your chances of getting sick by 35%, according to research. So why not invest in your relationship? 

Do like healthy, successful couples do and you can't lose. But, if you make the big relationship mistakes it will take a toll on your relationships -- and exact a toll on your life, since relationships are a major key to happiness. Thus, it is our sacred duty to conduct the best possible relationships, which help to make the world a better place for all of us. 

Happily married people live longer, healthier lives than divorced or unhappily married couples. Divorce an depress immune system functioning and bring a persistent cloud over the family. Kids in a home with unhappily married spouses suffer, too, often more than the parents can realize! 

How to Fix Your Broken Relationship:
A Case from The Analysts Couch

Sadly, many couples who participate in marital counseling do not fix their relationships. Still, counseling may be the prescription for success, if you're dealing with serious marital problems. Those who are successful enjoy happier, more successful relationships. Take a couple I recently worked with, after they had an affair. 

We'll call them Bill and Jill. They were focused only upon the hurt and pain caused by their mutual affairs. They couldn't talk about I t without hurling accusations and angry blame-placing remarks at each other. In time, we focused on understanding the reasons for the infidelity, and healed some of the underlying issues, then we went on too build effective communication skills. 

I encouraged each spouse to focus on his or her own issues, instead of pointing fingers at the other spouse. The healthiest relationships fixes are those in which each spouse is growing as a person and working to become a better spouse. And not pointing their finger at the other spouse!

Soon Jill and Bill were having more productive communications and feeling better about their friendship. rebuilding the friendship, while restoring trust, is critical to fixing a broken relationship. And now this couple is healthier, happier and more joyful than they've been in a long time. Many couples are glad they did not abandon their relationships after an affair, but fought to save their marriage. Studies show that five years after counseling, a majority of couples are glad they stayed with it, and report that their relationships are better than ever. 

a couple in conflictCommunication skills are the key to fixing a broken relationship, learning to really listen and get the other's perspective

3 Powerful Relationships Fixes: Skill is the key to Relationship Success and Longevity 

1. Learn to get over problems quickly.

One of the biggest mistakes is to take a long time to get over an argument or fight. Research shows that couples who fight can be just as healthy as those that don't fight, or even healthier, as long as they get over it quickly. If you learn the skill of getting over disagreements fast, which researcher John Gottman, PhD calls "quick repair attempts", you will do yourself and your relationships a HUGE favor. 

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2. Stop criticizing your partner and your relationship will improve drastically. 

Criticism is the key to failure. It leads to defensiveness and resentment, and unhinges the relationship at the core. One of the biggest and most powerful relationship fixes is to suspend criticism. There is no good that comes from hurling criticisms at your relationship partner. 

Learn how to give up criticism by focusing on the good aspects of your marriage and partner, and turn criticisms into respectful requests for action. Instead of complaining about your spouse's inability to give you their undivided attention, for example, ask for them to listen carefully.

Make a request which is in their power to grant. You'll catch more flies with honey than vinegar. 

If you want your relationship to recover from damage caused in the past, you'll have to:

1. Avoid repeating old mistakes

2. Do something different on a regular basis

If not, your spouse will not be able to trust you. Rebuilding trust is a time-consuming process that relies upon change. If you don't make the required changes, how can you expect to restore trust?   

3. Allow for differences in your relationship. 

There is no perfect marriage, and spouses do not have to be alike to be happy. In other words, couples can be happy and still be different from one another. Stop trying to force your partner to think and be like you. Honor and respect their differences.

And never put them down because of the differences. Let it go and let it be -- and stop trying to change your spouse -- that's one of the biggest relationship fixes. In other words, accept and honor your differences. Avoid requiring your spouse to think or be like you. People who are very different can and do love one another. in fact, opposites do attract. No one wants to be married to themselves.

You can disagree on politics, religion and all sorts of things, and still have a great relationship, as long as you value your differences and focus on the things you have in common.

A terrifically effective relationship fix is to allow for your differences, and to agree not to dwell upon them or argue about them, saving your relationship from internal harm. 

When it comes to relationship fixes...
"The difference between happiness and misery often depends upon subtle decisions we make; such as, where to place our attention and how to respond to misfortune."
- Richard Hamon

The more relationship fixes and skills you have in your tool bag, the more likely you will be successful in life. Relationships are a mystery to many bright people, and relationship problems will hold them back. Emotional intelligence hinges upon social awareness and skill, and corresponds with real success in any walk of life. 

Relationship Fixes: Benefits of Great Relationships

  • Live longer
  • Be happier
  • Enjoy life more
  • Find Peace of Mind
  • Never Feel Alone
  • Be a part of something greater than yourself
  • Quick recovery from illness
  • Take pleasure in a rewarding social life
  • Be adored and loved for your entire life 
girl celebrating life in sunsetYou spirits will soar when you get your relationships in good shape