Insomnia Cures: Easy Tricks For Getting More Sleep

Many of my clients have asked me to write an article on insomnia cures. This brief article will offer simple but effective tips on overcoming insomnia.

Insomnia causes include depression, anxiety, worrying and dwelling, anger, emotional upset, eating late at night and consuming stimulants. But, regardless of the cause, learning to prepare for a good night's sleep will help you to get more rest.

Depression and anxiety often make it hard to get to sleep. And the less sleep you get, the more depressed you feel. It's a double-edged sword and a vicious cycle!

Depression and anxiety travel together 70% - 80% of the time. In other words, if you have one, chances are you'll have the other, as well.

Insomnia Cures: Can't Get to Sleep?

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Top Ten Insomnia Cures and Tips

  1. Exercise is one of the best anti-depressants. So exercise, just don't exercise late at night.
  2. Avoid consuming stimulants before going to bed.
  3. Avoid upsets or arguments before turning in.
  4. No eating within two or three hours of going to sleep. If you must eat, settle on a light, healthy snack. A big meal will only bog your digestion down and make it hard to sleep.
  5. If your partner snores, take action, otherwise you may never get any rest!
  6. Create a pleasant bedroom environment. You may want to replace your bed or pillows, or add nice, soothing touches to the room.
  7. Cut out excess light and sleep in a cool, dark place.
  8. Avoid long naps during the day and don't sleep in.
  9. Here's one of my favorite remedies for insomnia: Focus on positive or uplifting thoughts, as opposed to dwelling on negative thoughts and images. If a negative, fear-based thought comes along, replace it with something enjoyable or hopeful. Think about something you like. Focus on something interesting and pleasant.
  10. Play peaceful, relaxing music in the background to help you sleep. Stephen Halpern music is my favorite, and my clients love it.

In Closing

Simple insomnia cures can help you to get more restful sleep and overcome depression. Learning to think positive thoughts at bedtime and creating a pleasant environment can be very beneficial. Remember to watch what you eat and drink before going to bed, as well. Soon you'll be getting therapeutic, regular sleep and improving your overall well being.

Also, remember to deal with your stress before it deals with you. Read about my stress reduction strategies here. If you have trouble relaxing before you go to bed, sleep will be harder to come by. If reading a good book helps you to relax, then read yourself to sleep. Finding ways to relax can really make a difference when it's time to turn in for the night. Want more insomnia cures? Find ideas on how to relax here. Affirmations can help you in many ways, including becoming happier and getting more sleep. Why not think about how affirmations can assist you in reaching your goals? You can read my article on the art of using helpful affirmations here. I hope you found my article on quick and easy insomnia cures helpful. If you'd like more assistance, feel free to use my on-line scheduler to set up a therapy or coaching appointment.

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