Relationship Skills

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What are important relationship skills? In this section we would like to put articles in your hands . . . articles revealing key techniques you can use to help you build and maintain great relationships.

How important is learning new relationship techniques skills? Well, as you are aware, a good relationship needs to be maintained. Otherwise, it may get taken for granted, whither and die. Time has a way of eroding the best relationships, if they aren't given the attention they need to thrive.

Plan to do some daily, weekly and monthly maintenance. Do the little things every day, then add a little spice or rejuvenation at other times. Checking in with your partner, spending time together, and going on vacations or second honeymoons are all important steps to take when keeping your relationship healthy.

Learning new skills is important, too. No one knows it all. Skills need to be learned, practiced and updated all of the time. Practice new skills as often as necessary – and you'll form new habits after three weeks or so.

The following articles may interest you . . .

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Relationship Skills: Build Rewarding and Lasting Relationships

Tips for Enhancing Your Relationships

  1. Handle conflict quickly and easily by staying calm and relaxed, and by dealing with only the problem at hand -- and not bringing up the past or blaming your partner for past mistakes. These are key conflict resolution skills.
  2. Practice deep breathing when dealing with conflict. Stay calm and think.
  3. Listen deeply and actively so you'll know and understand the needs, feelings, and motivations of your partner. You'll reduce relationship problems!
  4. There are two types of communication, damaging and helpful. Learn to recognize the difference between the two, and be sure your efforts to communicate are in the helpful and constructive range.
  5. Learn to read other people accurately and listen between the lines to fully comprehend their point of view.
  6. Allow your partner to have their own point of view. Do not ask them to think and feel just like you. You needn't agree on everything or be alike to be happy!
  7. Diffuse arguments and repair wounded feelings quickly by getting to the bottom of the problem and moving on without getting emotional and reactive.
  8. Be able to step back and laugh. Find more playfulness and joy in your relationships, and keep the problems in perspective.
  9. Look for every opportunity to build trust when confronted with a conflict, and for dealing with the conflict in a relaxed and mutually accepting manner, as both partners express themselves without fear of an attack.
  10. Learn to handle disappointment in your partner in a more constructive way. It'll be easier on both of you.

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Great relationships can  make you happier, healthier and more successful. So, take care of yours.

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Relationships are worth fighting for.

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