Reach Your Destiny Through Great Relationships

Your destiny Hmm. Do you have one? How do you find out what it is?

In the most widely read novel ever written, The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, a young shepherd boy seeks to discover his destiny, guided by The Alchemist, who seems to appear whenever he needs him the most. Young Santiago seeks to understand the meaning of his recurring dream, which begs to take him on a long journey to the Egyptian pyramids. Santiago meets important individuals, who point the way he strives to unveil his destiny.

The theme of the book is finding one's destiny, but young Santiago would never have found his way through the maze of his life, if he had not been able to cultivate relationships with those who could help him to believe in his destiny and in himself. Without knowing how others see him, he will never be able to see himself. Without knowing those who can see his potential, he will struggle to believe in himself.

A Dream catcher hanging in windowListen to your dreams and catch the dream that plays in your heart. The dream that keeps coming back is your true destiny.

Recently, one of my clients asked me how he could find his destiny. He said he felt sure he had one, but was lost as to what it was. I asked him to look inside himself, and suggested that finding one's destiny is much easier than most people think.

Like the protagonist in The Alchemist, my young client had strange dreams to guide him. Dreams he was afraid to hear. In honor of my young client, I decided to write this article. 

How Do You Find Your Destiny?

To know your destiny, or God's will for your life, as some may put it, simply listen to your heart. What do you really love to do? What truly matters to you? What makes you smile and your heart soar?

Once you've answered these questions, devote yourself to learning about the different ways you could do that work, the work that is the apple of your eye. Get the education, training and experience you need to succeed at it. Believe you can learn how to do the job well, and work at it until you succeed. 

And never give up! 

Focus on one clear path of action until you succeed. Avoid distractions and keep at it. See the acronym below: FOCUS.







Put Relationships to Work for You

Form relationships with people who can help you reach your destiny, and gather successful, principled individuals around you. Let them inspire you to achieve more. Be there for them, too. 

Solve your relationship problems , invest in great relationships and learn how to make relationships work for you. . . and you'll be more successful. Like Dale Carnegie advocated, if you go through life winning friends, you'll be able to influence people and make a difference in the world. 

You can succeed in reaching your dreams if you start investing in your dreams now and do the work required to achieve them. You can always start small and work towards your destiny. Just learning about a profession that interests you is a good one beginning. 

Got A Dream? What Is Your Destiny? 

If you have a dream, that's wonderful. Let your dream guide you. Follow your dream by asking what it can teach you.

Pay close attention to your dream. Particularly the dream that keeps coming back to you. That's the dream you should follow.  

Your destiny, or the cosmic plan for your life, is written on the template of your being , deep inside you. The problem is often thinking too much or intellectualizing, which only clouds the issue. Chances are, no matter how confused you may feel, you already know what your destiny is. You're just afraid to follow it, perhaps afraid you'll fail. 

Perhaps you're afraid you can not make it, or you doubt you could do anything special. So you've settled for less, taking a lower road. A safer one , or one that meets the criteria imposed by others. 

You may wonder why you're unhappy. When you came to planet earth, you came with a mission. It takes time to discover it, but when you do amazing things happen. When you finally accept your mission and start trying to fulfill it, the cosmic universe will help you. And you'll feel happier than ever! 

Even if we take the low road in life, the high road or high mountain pass will always be there, whispering in our ear and calling us through the pangs of conscience, until we've awakened from our slumber. 

And the all-too-familiar self-doubt, self-depreciation and self-denial that plagues the human race can be defeated. 

You can easily recognize your destiny or God's will for your life by identifying the sincere desire of your heart. What work gives you the greatest joy? What fills your heart with glee? That's the work you should do.

 The letter from God describing your best life is hidden within you. 

But, for some reason, many people are afraid to open a letter from their Higher Power. So they may never discover what the letter says. Instead of reading the letter, they listen to what everyone else says, and quite often end up settling for less. 

Visions of your destiny may come to you in different ways. Be open. Listen and trust.  

Case Example: Fulfilling Your Destiny 

A client of mine came to me because she was unhappy in her job as an exotic dancer. She wanted to get an education and become a teacher. But she did not believe in herself or her dream. She felt stuck.

We worked together to change all that. She went to college and worked hard to get her degree. She focused on one course of action until she was able to graduate with a college degree and fulfill her dream of becoming a teacher. She felt as though she started at the bottom and finished at the top. You can, too, if you go after your dream.

What about the young man I told you about at the beginning of this article? He listened to the voice within. And he is living his dream, working as a firefighter and EMT in our community, helping people every day. He is a real-life hero.

In Sum:

We are all like the character, Santiago, in The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. He's just a shepherd boy, but he dreams of more, and he gets more when he embarks upon the greatest journey of his life, when he finds the courage to follow his dreams. You can do the same, if you believe in yourself and go fr it! 

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