Great Relationships:
Your True Wealth

What does the research say about happiness? Great relationships are far more causative of happiness than riches. Those who amass fortunes often do so at the expense of their most treasured relationships, and they live to regret it. If you really want to be happy, make your relationships . a priority

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Great Relationships: Carrie's Story

Talk about relationships! I spoke with a wise woman on her 100th birthday. She had lived an amazing life. She spoke of the dire importance of relationships.

As I held Carrie's hand and looked into her eyes, I said, "What is the single most important lesson you have learned in life?"

While looking out the window, where the leaves of her favorite maple tree fluttered in the breeze, she whispered, "Relationships. You've got to have great relationships. Not just good ones. But most people don't.”

“Relationships? Tell me, what do we do wrong?” I asked.

“Most think you can just throw people away and get by with it. What you need to do, and I wish I had known this when I was young, is to put relationships first! When you’re young and foolish you think everyone is expendable.” She shook her head in quiet dismay.

“It’s all about ourselves, isn’t it? We neglect others,” I said.

“We can’t begin to take care of ourselves, or find happiness or success, without being there for others.” She squeezed my hand and groaned, “How many times I have lived to regret my broken relationships. This is my biggest regret.”

A comet falling to the earthWhy Let Your Love Fall to the Earth and Fizzle Out?

“What's your best advice?”

“My advice to you is to cultivate your relationships, and make them the best they can be. Make them your number one priority. They will make you strong. Just think of the possibilities. Otherwise, you will end up with regrets that can't be fixed."

"That's tough to do."

She grabbed my arm and said, "True, but nothing is more profoundly satisfying than truly great relationships. Yes, I am going to miss the good, old earth . . ." She glanced at the patch of blue sky that floated above and behind the spreading maple tree. ". . . But I am going to miss the people I love more."

Carrie's breath was faint, but she wanted to say more. "Having good people in your life in just the first part, but then you've got to take care of them. That's where folks go wrong. Our intentions are good, but we’re awfully busy. We get distracted. I want you to promise me that you will love your relationships and cherish them, then life will not disappoint you."

I hope Carrie's story inspires you to embrace your relationships and lead the life of your dreams. It's never too late to build the relationships of your dreams.

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Relationships often get overlooked in our mad rush to tend to life's demands, and in our ongoing search to have more and more. The wise person, however, will build a network of powerful relationships as his or her foundation for success. And will take special care to mend broken or failing relationships, never burning a bridge behind him. If you burn a bridge, then build it again as soon as possible.

We can't find our way without the compass of great relationships as our guide; we won’t be happy or successful without them. We won’t ever belong.  

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This site is dedicated to the cultivation of great relationships, winning associations and contacts, which will bring you great happiness and success in all areas of life.

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Great Relationships:
You Must Acquire Special Skills

Building wonderful relationships that make you happy and stand the test of time requires skill. The wisest investment you'll ever make is devoting the time and resources needed to learning relationship skills.

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Want a Ho-hum Relationship
Or a Great Relationship?

Relationships bring us many benefits:

1. Improve our health

2. Enhance our total well being

3. Help us to live longer

4. Boost our Happiness

5. Bring us Success

6. Create a Legacy that lives beyond our years

Pause for Thought

When you are gone, how will people remember you? What will they say about you? Will they really miss you?

You will be missed if you had great relationships . . . and the ones you leave behind will continue to be inspired by you. Your legacy will go on.

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