Fireside Chats

Sample our collection of Fireside Chats by Richard on various mental health, self-help and relationship topics. Learn how to deal with relationship problems, and achieve true and lasting success. Get tips from a seasoned therapist on stress, relationships, children and divorce, dealing with affairs, anxiety and depression, Near Death Experiences, etc. These brief talks examine key issues and offer simple, but helpful suggestions on how to solve some of life's most troublesome problems and get on with your life. Discover research-based ways to improve your happiness and well being by listening to or watching Richard's audios and videos.

Stay tuned!!! We will be adding more Fireside Chats in the near future.

Chats on Various Topics

Kids and Divorce   --  Important tips on how to prepare kids for divorce and to lessen the stressful impact of the changes to come. 

Relationship Repair Tips  --  Get a handful of key strategies you can use to improve or enhance your most important relationships from a master Relationship Therapist with decades of experience. 

Keep Your Relationship on the Front Burner  --  Richard discusses the pitfalls of neglecting a relationship and how good relationships go bad . . . and how you can avoid those unnecessary problems. 

Experiential Audios

Richard's 10 Minute Meditation  --  If you're getting into meditation -- and almost everyone wants to -- this ten minute introduction is just what you've been looking for. Let Richard take you in a short journey that will leave you feeling relaxed and at peace. But it's a little longer than 10 minutes (about 11.5 minutes). Just sit back and listen. 

"Thank you for the 10 Minute Meditation. This came to me like a little gift out of nowhere, and it was really, really nice and relaxing. Just what I needed!" -- Donna Horni

"Not only did your 10 Minute Meditation help me to relax, but it gave me a good night's sleep, too." Desi Reysor

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