Amazing NDEs: How Near Death Experiences
Change Lives 

Amazing NDEs (Near Death Experiences) offer a fascinating look at what may really happen when we die, and give us a powerful hint as to how we can live our lives in an inspired, informed and responsible fashion. If you'd like to learn about the secret world of NDEs, read on. In the interest of complete honesty, I must let you know that I am a Near Death Experiencer, but I promise not to talk about my personal experiences, or to make this article about myself, but those of others. 

Amazing NDEs Make Permanent Changes in People's Lives

The after effects of NDEs are not short-term, but long. Not a day goes by that the person who has died and come back to life,  doesn't think about his or her NDE. Many individuals are transformed by their experience. Others feel the effects for the rest of their lives, and may spend the rest of their lives trying to adapt to the changes caused by their NDE. 

A time glass Reveals Life is PreciousAmazing NDEs Reveal Life is Precious and Show Us How to Make the Most of It

A Short List of Changes NDErs May Make

  • Arrogant, self-centered people become loving and altruistic citizens.
  •  Shy and avoidant persons become courageous and outgoing personalities.
  • Those who held rigid beliefs, before their NDE, come back with an open mind, and a new way of conceptualizing spiritual matters.
  • Hard living and hard driving individuals (Type A personalities), who were quick to criticize and find fault, or to get into a fist fight, become peace loving and tolerant helpers who try to make a difference in the lives of others.    
  • Those who led good, happy lives before their NDE, return to live an even greater, more loving and appreciative life.
  • Those who took life for granted, now see life as extremely precious, and feel they have an important mission to accomplish.

What Causes such Drastic and Fundamental Changes? 

Amazing NDEs seem more like miracles than anything else. The miracles seem to occur on two different levels: first, the NDEr often survives a terrible or impossible injury or disease, and the resulting changes that take place in his/her life are astounding in nature. Also, the insight the person brings back from the other side may be startlingly evocative. What's driving so many incredible changes? 

A few key factors that appear to influence a person who has had a NDE in an extremely therapeutic way are

  1. The Life Review
  2. Contacting the bright, all-powerful light
  3. Learning or sensing the true nature of things.

Let's consider the role each factor plays in amazing NDEs. We'll take them one at a time and try to construct a bird's eye view of the change process a NDEr undergoes.  Of course, there are other factors that make NDEs special, powerful experiences.

The Vaulted Life Review 

The Life Review is a life changing experience for NDErs. In a 3-D panoramic view of their entire lifetime, the NDEr re-lives their life, but from the various points of view of all the people they interacted with. It is an enlightening and emotionally charged experience. God or a being of light oversees the process, and is never judgmental, but always showers the person with the light of their immense and caring forgiveness and understanding. 

The Life Review is an incredible learning experience, in which mistakes and good deeds are confronted -- and nothing is missed. It is a profoundly humbling experience, in which the person comes to realize the errors of judgement and mis-behaviors that he made and how they affected the lives of others.  Life Reviews usually induce people to improve their relationships and to do right by others.

When the NDEr comes back to life, they try to rectify previous mistakes, to the degree possible, and get their lives right in the here-and-now.  After their Life Review, they want to make changes accordingly, which is why amazing NDEs are so transformational.

A Near Death Experience Often Leads to A Fearless, Joyful Life, Filled with Wisdom

Seeing and Experiencing the Light

Immersion in the light, which seems a million times brighter than the sun, but is never harsh or blinding, is a life-changing, unforgettable experience that seems to revitalize the cells of one's being. The Light, equated by many with God, is revelatory and unforgettable, and a source of powerful healing and learning. When one is bathed in the light the resulting bliss is indescribable.

Often described as being incredibly bright -- too bright to look at -- it is somehow utterly pleasant, even joyful and loving. The person feels better than they've ever felt when in the presence of the light and the Cosmic Father or the beings of light, who meet them there.

Sensing the True Nature of Things and Being Filled with Knowledge

To say that a NDE is a learning experience is an understatement. Countless Near Death Experiencers return to their lives, having seen and understood incredible mysteries, having been shown future events, and having been filled with knowledge on various subjects. Their loved ones report that they just seem to know things. And they care about topics that were never of interest before.

A famous case chronicled in What Tom Sawyer Learned from Dying, the book by Sydney Farr, of Kentucky, reveals how a high school educated man made a complete transformation when he had a NDE. Knowledge of several subjects, which  he knew nothing about, was imparted to him and, after his NDE, he developed a thirst for knowledge, spending the rest of his life acquiring an education on subjects like Physics, Philosophy and Italian Opera.

Note that before his NDE, he hated opera and forbade his wife to play it in their home!

Amazing NDEs Can Inspire Anyone to Live A Better, More Inspired Life

Tips For Applying the Wisdom of NDEs to Every Day Life:

1. Do your own version of the Life Review and take stock. Ask yourself what you wish you had done differently, so far, how you could improve and what would it take to lead a better life from here on out. Be honest with yourself, and realize that every day is a new day, and you can make new decisions and changes when you get out of bed tomorrow morning. A kind of re-decision therapy.

2. You may not be able to immerse yourself in the Light, but you can bring more light into your life by putting your relationships first, becoming a better relationship partner, and by giving unconditional love to everyone you meet. A tall order?  Yes, but anything worthwhile takes hard work. 

3. Strive to learn all you can. Take interest in things, dig into subject matter that interests you, go back to school, and seek knowledge and wisdom for the rest of your life. By becoming a life-long learner, you will make yourself a more valuable person to your family, community, nation and world.

A Step You Can Take Right Now

Want to start learning from amazing NDEs? Pick up a good book on the subject or read more articles like this one. Read other NDE articles I've written.

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Amazing NDEs: In Sum

Amazing NDEs give us a profound look at the meaning of life, and offer us powerful hints as to living a meaningful life and finding joy in the present moment. Keep in mind that many individuals who have a NDE believe you can only take two things with you: one, love; two, knowledge and wisdom. Living a life focused on love and knowledge ain't a bad way to live.

The International Association for Near Death Studies, Inc.

If you're interested in learning more about NDEs, you may want to contact IANDS. They have great information on NDEs, research, intriguing cases, and you can find resources galore on their site.